Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming

Our vacuum forming department moulds a wide variety of products, including blip trays, gondola trays, testers, rotating counter and floor units, packaging and pack inserts.

We use a variety of materials, commonly PETG, HIPS, acrylic and polypropylene.

We manufacture, assemble and pack complete units as well as components using solvents, UV glues, 2 pack glues, mechanical fixings, magnets, adhesive fixings or welding.

Vacuum Forming Services

Pre-Production Wood Patterns

Pre-production tooling in the form of wood patterns are created to achieve mouldings for approval as well as being used for short run production jobs. We can work from CAD drawings or physical parts.

Production Tooling

Production Tooling

Production tooling in the form of cast resin is created by using casting mouldings from the wood pattern tooling. Other production tooling is CNC machined from resin, aluminium or composite block, eliminating the need for wood patterns.


Vacuum thermoforming in PETG, HIPS and polypropylene including distortion printed images from our printing department. Vacuum forming projects can range from simple display trays to complex counter or floor merchandising units.

Pin Router


Formings are trimmed, routered, de-burred and finished by machine or hand. After final or sub-assembly the formings are packed ready for shipment to the customer or transfer to our POS assembly department.